Welcome to PillageCraft!!!
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Welcome to PillageCraft!

PillageCraft is a multi-gamemode network consisting of Survival, Skyblock, Prison, and Kitpvp.  Each gamemode is planned to be greatly new and unique to this era of Minecraft.  However, we can't do this alone, we'll need you fellas to help.

There is few things you can do to help: 

1. Check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/KdaUYEU

2. Head to the "Apply" section and fill out that form.  We need as much people as we can get.

3. Join our minecraft server: play.pillagecraft.net

What to Expect!

There is much planned for the future of PillageCraft, yet not all of it is set.  If you would like to suggest something head to our discord and say something in the "suggestions" channel.  This can ensure that we make what the community wants and not some garbage like 2018's youtube rewind.  Alrighty, lets get back to future expectations.  Below are some changes you may see regarding this server in the future!

  • Custom mobs and items in survival.
  • Completely new look at skyblock and its functionality.
  • Unique way of playing prisons.
  • Fun cosmetics with donation ranks.
  • Rank giveaways on our discord.
  • Game nights with some of the staff.
  • RPG???

There is many more ideas that are still being thought up but these are a certainty.  As I mentioned above there is ways to suggest cool gamemodes, minigames, or custom material, just head to our discord.


With a server comes the staff behind the curtain.  Each staff has a certain role they need to fufill to keep this server alive.  It's obvious to tell that moderators moderate and so forth, but did you know that we are hiring lore writers?!  Here at PillageCraft we have an abundance of roles to aim for; playing on both strengths and weaknesses from each and everyone of our staff.  However, please don't apply with the mindset of geting admin or executive as they are primarily given through ranked progression, unless of course you're absolutely that great at being one.  I'm saying this just so that people don't complain when they apply for admin but get mod.  Final thing, please read EVERYTHING in the application; it's going to help you guys out.

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